Vegan’s Cafe and Restaurant (Fukakusa Station, Kyoto) – ★★★★

Quick Check:

  • Quality: ★★★★ – Delicious!
  • Location: Near Fukakusa Station, Kyoto (Fushimi Inari Shrine Area)
  • Type: All Vegan; Fast Food
  • Hours: Mon-Wed & Sat, Lunch 11:30-15:00, Dinner 17:30-21:30; Sunday 11:30-17:30 (Last Order 17:00); Closed Thursday & Friday.  Occasionally closed irregularly, call ahead!
  • Price: $$ – Average (typical entrée about ¥1200)
  • Website: Restaurant Website, HappyCow Page
  • Note: Call ahead to make sure they’re open!
 About and Directions:

Vegan’s Cafe and Restaurant is located conveniently close to Fushima-Inari Shrine in Kyoto.  It’s a roughly 15 minute walk from the base of Fushima-Inari Shrine, and it’s about a 5-10 minute walk from Fukakusa Station.  In addition to food, it also sells a number of vegan goods, including organic fruits and veggies.  I used Google Map to find it and had a little trouble – I think the Google Map location is slightly in accurate.  So be prepared to look around a little!

Address, Train Access, & Contact:

  • English Address: 4-chome 88 Fukakusa Nishi Uramachi,  Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi 612-0029
  • Japanese Address: 612−0029 京都市伏見区深草西浦町4丁目88
  • Train Access: 5-10 minute walk from Fukakusa Station
  • Phone Number: 075-643-3922

Restaurant Review:

Along with Cafe Proverbs, Vegan’s Cafe and Restaurant was one of the highlights of my trip to Kyoto.  They have an incredible selection of food, including pasta dishes, casseroles, veggie bowls, curries, and an array of pizzas.

I was urged by my friends, who had been before, to order one of their pizzas – and oh my am I glad I did.  I ordered a Soy Meat Pizza (which doesn’t appear to be listed on the online menu – although perhaps this is the curry pizza and I just got the name wrong?), and while it came in at a hefty ¥1600, in was so large that I had others help me and still had leftovers to take home.   The cheesy sauce that was used made it somewhat wet, but the flavor was incredible and somewhat peanut-y.


For dessert, I got the “Chocolate Shake”, which turned out to be more of a soft serve sundae than a shake.  No complaints, though, because it’s the first vegan soft serve I’ve had, and some of the best vegan ice cream that I’ve eaten, too.  Generally, vegan ice cream has a tendency to be a somewhat dense and icy, but this was moist, smooth,  and had all the lightness of traditional soft serve.  And there was a LOT of it.  It was hard to finish it after all that pizza!  Not a bad deal for ¥578.  Also,  if you aren’t feeling like you can handle quite so much richness, there’s an option for a small side-dish of soft serve with a main course, for only ¥300 extra.


On the other hand, if you want to get on the fast track to a  sugar-induced coma, I recommend the Soy Soft Cream Parfait.  A bunch of my friends shared it, and it was just ridiculous.  But in a beautiful way.


They also offer several vegan cakes, including the Soy Tiramisu Cake, which another of my friend’s ordered:


Vegan’s Cafe & Restaurant has a kind of cozy, funky atmosphere that made me feel very at home (I’m from Northern California, originally).  I could have easily imagined it in San Francisco.  The waitstaff are very friendly, although on busy days they seem to be a bit understaffed.



Language Barrier:

The staff do not speak much English, unfortunately.  However, they’re very friendly, and the menu includes photos so you should be able to navigate it.


In addition to food, Vegan’s Cafe & Restaurant also sells some organic produce and various vegan foods, and also some cute pottery and “No Fur” pins.  If you need to stock up on supplies and you live the area, it’s an excellent place to check out!  You can get a meal and some groceries at the same time!

Grocery selection

Grocery selection




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