Gen no Sato (Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan) – ★★★

Quick Check:

  • Quality: ★★★ – Good
  • Type: All Vegan
  • Location: Chuo-ku, Matsumoto, Nagano (near Matsumoto City Museum of Art)
  • Nearby Attractions: Matsumoto Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Price: $$ – Moderate (Lunch Sets about ¥1200)
  • Hours: Tues-Fri: 11:00-21:00, Sunday: 11:00-18:00, Closed Saturdays & Mondays (temporarily, check website to see if this has changed).
  • Website:  HappyCow Page
  • Language Barrier:  English Menu available


About & Location:

Gen no Sato is a macrobiotic restaurant located in Matsumoto City, Nagano-ken.  It’s near the Matsumoto Museum of Art, a popular tourist attraction.  All of Gen no Sato’s dishes are vegan.  They also have  a sister restaurant in Matsumoto, called Hitsuki, which is also entirely vegan.

Address & Phone Number:

  • English Address: 4-1-1 Chuo, Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture 390-0811, Japan
  • Japanese Address: 390-0811長野県松本市4-1-1中央
  • Phone Number: 0263-39-3393

Google Map:



Food Review:

Gen no Sato  is a macrobiotic restaurant, so it probably has some exceptional healthy food.   However, I laugh in the face of vitamins, so I ended up ordering their 3 Kinds Deep Fry Set 2 (which included deep fried wheat gluten “oyster,” deep fried “fish,” and deep fried soy cutlet, along with soup, rice, and pickles).   At ¥1200 it was a very good deal.  I may regret my choices in 20 years, but I certainly didn’t that day.


3 Kinds Deep Fry Set 2 (¥1200)

It was all REALLY good.  Everything was rolled in panko and deep fried to crispy perfection, with warm gooey insides.   It came with a cold sort of faux-tartar sauce on the side to dip the fried rolls in. The pickles, rice, and thick vegetable soup helped to offset some of the richness of the fried main dish.




I also ordered Soy Chai Tea (¥500), and got this little cream buns (perhaps oyaki?  But the flour didn’t taste like buckwheat).  One had strawberry “cream” filling and one was filled with apple, and they were amazing.



My only real gripe is that the chai tea was really much more expensive than it should have been, but then, ¥500 for a cup of tea is not exactly a shocker in Japan.

Atmosphere & Service:

Gen was a very cute, small, and casual restaurant.  Although the space was small they tables were arranged so that you wouldn’t be running into anyone if the place were full.  There was a TV screen in the back with various pictures of adorable animals (mostly pigs), and while this might be distracting and irritating for some customers, I thought it was adorable and it really lightened the mood.  When I visited with my boyfriend, we were the only ones in the restaurant and so received exceptionally prompt service.  Overall, a very cute, casual atmosphere, and good service (although I’m not sure how this varies when busy).


IMG_1231 IMG_1232

IMG_1234 IMG_1233


Other Vegan Spots in Matsumoto:

  • Hitsuki (review here and here)
  • Possibly “Hikariya” (macrobiotic, may have vegetarian options)

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