iVegan Supermarket (Wenshan District, Taipei) – ★★★★

Quick Check:

  • Quality: ★★★★ – Very Good
  • Location: near Wanlong MRT Station, Wenshan District, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Type: All Vegan; Grocery Store
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 7:00am-10:00pm
  • Price: Varies by item
  • Website: HappyCow Page, Supermarket Website

About & Location:

iVegan is Taiwan’s only all-vegan supermarket, and is located in the Wenshan District of Taipei.  It offers a large selection of fresh produce, imported and domestic snack foods, and frozen/chilled items such as vegan butter, kimchee, and ice cream.  iVegan is VERY well-marked, and you’ll find several luminescent signs directing you to the store from blocks away.  Seriously, it’s the best marked building I’ve ever seen outside of landmarks.

Address, Access & Contact:

  • English Address: 54, Wanlong Street, Wenshan District, Taipei, Taiwan 11675
  • Chinese Address: 文山區萬隆街54號, Taipei, Taiwan 11675
  • Train Station Access: Wanlong MRT Station, Exit 1
  • Phone Number: 02-2935-0900

Google Map:

Supermarket Review:
iVegan is Taiwan’s only all-vegan supermarket, and is an absolute must-visit for any vegans living in Taipei or even just visiting for an extended period.  Whether you’re looking for fresh produce, soy products, snacks, sweets, sauces, or pretty much any other type of food you can think of, you’ll find it here.  Everything that’s edible is vegan.    The produce section is really incredible, although since you can buy fruits and veggies everywhere in Taiwan, it’s not a reason to visit on its own. However, it makes shopping here really convenient, since you can get both your fresh food, frozen food and snack food in one go!

iVegan Produce Section

iVegan Produce Section

iVegan Produce Section

iVegan Produce Section

They have a cold case filled with tofu products, soy milk, vegan mayo, vegan butter, kimchee, and other usually-not-vegan delights that will please anyone who’s here for an extended period.  Many of these products are imported (like Veganaise and Earth Balance), so I was really surprised to see them there!

Cool Case (Filled with vegan butters, kimchees, and more!)

Cool Case (Filled with vegan butters, mayos, and more!)

The rest of the store (and there’s a lot more – the produce section is only about 1/4 of it) is filled with aisle after aisle of noodles, baking supplies, cooking oils and sauces, packaged food and several frozen cases.   I didn’t photograph nearly all of it, unfortunately, but you can get some glimpses.  They have some imported food, which I’m sure will be an exciting prospect for expats living in Taipei.  But for those visiting, they ask have an expansive selection of Taiwanese snack-food, which is ideal when you’re popping from place to place while sightseeing.  If you’re going to be traveling around, I really recommend coming in here and grabbing at least a few high-calorie snacks to keep you going – in some of the smaller towns finding vegetarian food can be a bit tricky, and it will save you time trying to decode Chinese characters in convenience stores.

Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!

Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!

If you’re staying for a while and want to get cooking, they also have a wonderful selection of sauces, including lots of stir-fry sauces.  I’m a huge fan of stir-fry because I’m lazy and won’t eat my vegetables unless they’re covered in oil, so I was sad I couldn’t buy all of these and bring them home with me!

Delicious stir-fry sauces

Delicious stir-fry sauces

The frozen cases also had lots of exciting options – bagels, pizzas, ice cream, pies and more! They also have some cookware on sale, although I imagine there are cheaper options out there.

Cold Case

Cold Case (Vegan pizzas, ice cream, bagels, more!)

2nd Cold Case

2nd Cold Case

One thing I was really excited to find was a box of Pineapple Cakes. Pineapple Cakes are a delicious Taiwanese cake with a chewy pineapple-flavored filling. I can’t speak for every place,  but in Japan, Pineapple Cakes seemed to be the most popular Taiwanese souvenir (tea was also popular).   It seemed like every teacher who visited Taiwan inevitably returned with 20 pounds of pineapple cakes.  Pineapple Cake in and of itself isn’t hard to find, but unfortunately it often isn’t vegan – most of the options I looked at elsewhere had milk or butter or eggs or some combination of thereof.  So if you want to bring a box home, I recommend stopping by iVegan!

Vegan Pineapple Cakes - a must-buy souvenir from Taiwan!

Pineapple Cakes

If you’d like to try Pineapple Cake but aren’t up for scarfing down a whole box, they also have some in the bakery section (or at least, they did when I visited).  I ended up opting for this smaller portion, since I knew I wouldn’t have room for a whole box on my way home. The pineapple cakes are the little yellow bundles next to the bread on the far right of this photo.

The iVegan bakery selection is incredible

The iVegan bakery selection is incredible

The bakery section also has an incredible selection of vegan pastries that I doubted existed: croissants, cream-filled horns, and buns galore.  I ended up getting a Cream Horn (which I’ve never eaten before) and a Bun filled with sweet bean jam.  They were both incredible.  The Cream Horn was really fluffy and the cream was thick and delicious (although perhaps not as fluffy as traditional non-vegan cream horns are – that’s just a guess though, having never eaten one).  The Sweet Bean Bun was a prefect on-the-go snack, and I wish I’d stocked up on more!

Cream Horn

Cream Horn


Another pastry from iVegan (looks like a croissant)

There’s also a home products section, filled with cleaning supplies, detergents, etc.  However, from what I’ve read online, it seems that many of these products are tested on animals – importing things like detergents and soaps is not simple matter and they probably would have been so expensive that it wasn’t worth selling them.  That said, if you’re willing to spend the money for imported non-tested-on-animals home products, you’ll want to look elsewhere or do a little background research on the individual products before you buy.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend checking iVegan out, even if you’re just here for sightseeing.  Firstly, it’s just wonderful to walk into a store and know that you can eat absolutely everything.  And secondly, you can pick up lots of snacks for busy traveling!


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